Shapetrace is augmented/mixed reality software for tablets that helps construction teams prevent errors & build right the first time.



Are your BIM coordination efforts lost when it's time to build? Give the field team the same BIM information to build correctly. 

Build with Certainty

Eliminate confusion with field access to 3D designs, object characteristics, & 2D blueprints

Eliminate Human Error

Compare differences between the 3D design plan & actual conditions during installations

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Sync the Field & Office

Know exactly what's happening in the field. Issues, markups & notes are automatically mapped on the BIM model & shared.

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Measure Productivity

Daily validation of schedule & costs to reduce overruns; measure progress to receive payments



Overlay the virtual "building information modelling" world over the real world in the field. See before you build.

Upload your BIM 3D models onto Shapetrace's web application. We will sync it to your Google Tango tablet.

Step 1: Go to your job-site & place yourself on the map. We will align the virtual & real world for indoor navigation. 

Step 2: "Walk within your BIM design plans" & see what you need to build. Access your BIM data, object details, & multi-layer overlays to look "behind the walls".

Step 3: Create location-based issues, markups, notes, photos & 3D scans for progress monitoring, automatically. 

Step 4: With access to the web, synch your field & office information for site awareness & team communication. This back-updates all information to the shared BIM model.

Step 5: Generate progress reports.

Repeat steps as often as you want.



Obsolete job-site processes cause errors that cripple construction budgets & schedules.

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Printing of 3D designs to 2D drawings wastes design effort, wipes digital information, & creates unnecessary confusion for field workers

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Incorrect/wrong drawings & installations cause up to 49% of project waste from extra labour & material costs

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There is no easy way for field & office teams to share updates due to manual, paper-based processes

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Re-work costs grow exponentially with time as field teams build over each other’s errors; No easy way to forecast labour costs

Prevent construction errors. Reduce your risk.