Shapetrace currently has a team of six engineering people: most of us specialize in geomatics and one in software development. Here's the founding team:

Management Team

Ernest Yap

Ernest Yap

Ernest Yap, Co-Founder and CEO

Ernest Yap, P.Eng is the co-founder and President of Shapetrace. He has 10 years of sales experience in the geospatial industry, previously working for Trimble’s Geospatial and Applanix divisions. Ernest is a professional engineer in Ontario, Canada, and he graduated from the Dept. of Geomatics Engineering at the University of Calgary. His interests include the convergence of robotics, 3D mapping, and mixed reality applications. Ernest is a contributing writer for xyHt magazine, which is a trade publication for the geospatial industry.

Ernest led Shapetrace to complete the Founder Institute Toronto 2014 startup accelerator program.

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Julien li Chee-Ming

Julien li Chee-Ming

Julien Li-Chee-Ming, PhD(c), Co-Founder and CTO

Julien Li-Chee-Ming is a co-founder of Shapetrace and is responsible for research and development. He is a Ph.D. candidate at York University, where he also obtained a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Geomatics Engineering. His research interests include low-cost navigation systems, rapid mapping, and urban 3D modelling. His research involves utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles in real-time mapping, monitoring, and tracking applications. Julien has won numerous awards for his research and his publications can be found on his LinkedIn profile.

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Sonal Ranjit, Engineering Lead

Sonal Ranjit is Shapetrace's Engineering Lead because he is responsible for the development team for mobile AR and web applications. He takes R&D prototypes and makes them into commercial products. Sonal has experience in startup production environments having worked for two tech companies. Sonal has a background in geomatics with a B.Sc in Earth Science from York University.


Advisory Board Members

Adrian Sluga

Adrian Sluga

Adrian Sluga, Senior Vice-President at JLL

Adrian is a Senior Vice-President at JLL, a Fortune 500 Company.  Adrian oversees the Project Management, Commissioning & Building Analytics practice across Canada, and brings almost 20 years of leadership and experience on large-scale, complex projects, including more than $1.5B in construction project management and 20+ P3 projects. Adrian was previously the President of HFM Inc. (sold to JLL), and held executive, senior, and project manager roles with HFM, Skyline International Development, Cadillac Fairview, GWL Realty Advisors, and exp Global.