Sonal Ranjit

Sonal Ranjit, Shapetrace

Sonal Ranjit is a co-founder and head of engineering at Shapetrace. He joined Shapetrace in 2016, and immediately made an impact by re-designing the initial construction solution, which led to a commercial release of the product in six months. Then, he implementing a streamlined software development process, which enabled Shapetrace to take the product from an academic prototype to a commercially-viable solution. Since then, Sonal has led the Shapetrace development team to architect, design and develop mobile apps, web applications, and backend web services.

Sonal specializes in cutting edge augmented reality, 3d gaming platforms, open source technologies for construction and mapping, and backend web services.

Sonal has experience in startup production environments having worked for two tech companies. As the geospatial data specialist at MapYourProperty, he created the processes to automate data scraping of open GIS datasets and uploads, then created a data reliability framework for their web application, enabling a full public launch of the platform in six months.

In 2014, Sonal was part of Wand Makers that created a "magic wand" prototype. The device consisted of an inertial measurement unit and an Arduino Micro that recognizes hand gestures and compared movements to a magical spell movement library. Once a spell was recognized, a laser was activated and enabled users to have digital wand fights. This led to a successful presentation at the Tangible, Embodied and Embedded Interface Conference TEI2014 in Munich Germany.

Sonal has a background in geomatics with a B.Sc in Earth Science from York University. He regularly contributes his time to Civic Tech Toronto and the Toronto Nepali Film Festival.

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