Multi-Blueprint Overlay

Automatic Blueprint Overlay Magic: We have created a proof of concept that finds all the relevant blueprints for a user-chosen location from a mobile device.

Problem: One project could have up to 1000 PDF drawings and finding a single detail requires you to memorize the sheet names it is on (i.e. A101, S327, M008, etc.). It's a complete waste of time.

Solution: With one touch of the finger, the user now has access to all the relevant drawings she wants. All 1000 PDF plan and section drawings are in map form, which links them all together by geography, and allows for fast, automated search. This prevents confusion and errors.

Here's what you get:
- Walk on your drawings to get a sense of a space, combined with Shapetrace indoor navigation tech.
- Overlay multiple sheets over each other so that you can see how one system affects another, including the 3D design plans.
- Does not require 3D design plans, meaning ALL digital blueprints can use this.

We could build a new company based on this tech alone.