Why we Changed our Company Name to ShapeTrace Labs

In Dec 2014, we changed our operating name to ShapeTrace Labs. We wanted a name that represented a team and told people what we did. Our company's proprietary technology is the ability to search a library of objects, trace their locations, sizes, and identifications, and compute spatial differences with respect to real-life conditions. "ShapeTrace" is the name of our core tech and software.

ShapeTrace Labs' logo is the representation of a single object that is misaligned between two images, which is what our core technology does: change detection.

The color "orange" was chosen as our primary color because it evokes energy, happiness, and creativity (orange is a mix of red and orange), which is balanced by a calming, brighter "blue".

We chose to add Labs to the end because we are heavy into geomatics R&D... And we think it sounds cool.