Mapping as a Service, xyHT Magazine Jan 2016, by co-founder Ernest Yap

Shapetrace co-founder Ernest Yap writes for xyHt Magazine, a leading geospatial trade publication, as a subject matter expert and quarterly contributor. In this latest piece titled 'Mapping as a Service', he talks about a possible trend in aerial mapping in the form of a SaaS (software as a service) using Australian-based Nearmap as an example. Incumbents and newbies should take notice (he's talking to you, all you drone enthusiasts).

Mapping as a Service

Fueled by the convergence of cloud computing, digital automation, and internet distribution, subscription mapping creates new opportunities.

Subscription aerial mapping sets out to rid the industry of its dated legacies. One in particular is the commissioning of aerial mapping projects. The process can be bureaucratic, expensive, and subject to a long approval. This could lead to delays and inconsistency in data deliveries, which is especially critical for end-users whose aerial imagery needs are based on seasonal conditions.

A second legacy is... full article here.

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