ShapeTrace Labs has joined Sector 75 tech-startup incubator

ShapeTrace Labs has joined Sector 75, a new tech-startup incubator owned and operated by Pycap Venture Partners and Agile Offices They are providing a three-month incubation that includes:

  • Business development program that prepares our company for funding
  • Office space at 250 Yonge St, a downtown office tower attached to Toronto's Eaton Centre
  • Mentorship in finance, tech, marketing, strategy, law, and accounting  

We're not into fancy offices or perks. This is why we're excited:

  • We get to set a company rhythm by working in a shared space. We get to develop a real work culture. We can work smarter and faster. We can uphold accountability easier. It's amazing what face-to-face contact can do.
  • We get to work with other companies and help each other out. There will be be sense of competition and urgency. Creativity and innovation happen when diversity is crammed into a space.
  • We have access to mentors and contacts from the perspective of a VC, who can help us out of a jam or introduce us to people to help us grow smarter. There's no guarantee that Pycap will invest in us, but they certainly will know us better than a 20 min pitch deck and they will point out our weaknesses.

We appreciate the opportunity given to us by Pycap and Agile offices. 

About Us: ShapeTrace Labs develops mobile software to helps construction site teams prevent and detect errors by finding differences between the design plan and as-built condition with mobile 3D imaging. We make sophisticated technology easy, shift the role from specialists to site staff, complete weeks of processing in hours, and make it affordable such that all sites have access. 
We are democratizing quality control and as-built creation for construction.