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To Slam or not to Slam: That Is the Question - AR CLOUD EDITION

If you've been reading the augmented reality news, there are new startups building the AR Cloud every month since Ori Inbar at Super Ventures coined the term. And these are the ones who are funded, so there must be at least 10 times more (us being one of them). Then, Google announced that they are also working on the AR Cloud, which probably just put an expiry date on a bunch of them. The core of the ARCloud gold rush is about SLAM (Simultaneous Location and Mapping) again and getting into this a sexy, but dangerous path.  

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Right Now, Augmented Reality is Only a Feature, Part 1

A VentureBeat article came out a few weeks back, which described augmented reality (AR) as only a feature. The article states that "(AR offers) developers and companies an opportunity to engage users of their existing apps with new AR features. But it might be better to approach this tech as “AR as a feature” — not as the end-all, be-all of the app."

We couldn't agree more.

Link here.

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"It's not real until it's written down": Lessons from Kate, Part 1

Last week, I met my friend Kate Cheng, President and Co-founder of Gauss4D. We like to shoot the sh*t about entrepreneurship, careers, and family in a sort of therapy. While we've only know each other for a couple months, we've developed a rhythm of rapid, honest ideation, and I am genuinely excited every time we chat. I think it's because Kate and I share a vision of the world that the future version of the web is spatial.

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